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What is FPV Drone Racing?

First Person View (FPV) Drone Racing combines several different technologies such as a drone (Multi-rotor helicopter or fixed wing plane), remote control, live video, micro controllers, and a variety of different sensors. This allows the operator of the drone to fly the aircraft with precision in close proximity to the ground, usually below the tree line or less than 100 feet, and around obstacles via live video feed to FPV goggles or a monitor. The pilot literally has the point of view of the pilot’s “cockpit” aboard the drone.

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A dream is now possible at the limits of technology.

Imagine the freedom of soaring above the earth, the thrill of skimming tree tops or the rush of screaming along inches off the ground. It is not a drug, but its effects are additive, mind altering and endorphine releasing. Once only the privilage of the technical and patient; the nectar can now be consumed by anyone with the desire to walk on the waves of wind. Release yourself from your earthly bondage. Let Fat Shark guide you into the exciting world of FPV RC video piloting.

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The F3Expo was a HUGE success ! See our Blog page for videos about the event.

It is time for the F3Expo and the DRC will have a team in the ThunderDome 500, held in the Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA ... F3Expo.com

CleanFlight Tuning in 4 Pictures.

Have a look at these 4 pictures to help you with quick tuning of your Naze32 - Basic Layout, P Tuning, I Tuning and D Tuning

The Pilot Experience

ZMR 250Flying an FPV drone is a truly immersive experience for the operator/pilot. Drone racing is similar to the Pod Racing or Speeder Bikes flying through the woods like you’ve seen in Star Wars. FPV Drone Piloting can also give you the feeling and perspective of a bird flying through trees or obstacles.

Check out some of GearBest's great Drones: http://goo.gl/OTlYOz

Regulations and safety USA - Registration

Do I need to Register My Drone?

  • You need to register your aircraft if it weighs between 0.55 lbs. (250 grams) and up to 55 lbs. (25 kg)
  • You need to register your aircraft if it weighs between from 0.55 lbs. (250 grams) and 55 lbs. (25 kg)
  • You will be subject to civil and criminal penalties if you meet the criteria to register a drone and do not register.

You must use the paper registration process if

  • You use your aircraft for commercial purposes
  • You use your aircraft for other than hobby and recreation
  • Your aircraft is 55 lbs. or greater
  • You intend to operate your aircraft outside of the United States