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Ultra Micro FPV Build (60 gram AUW)

Building a Ultra Micro Brushed quadcopter.

The Build:

Printing a Micro Quad on a 3D printer

I show how I design a micro quadcopter on TinkerCad and then print the design on the XYZPrinting da Vinci Jr. 1.0

Fixing my Immersion RC 5.8Ghz Antenna

So these Immersion RC antenna connectors break all the time. Here is how I repair mine. I have done several like this and it works great!

Yep, it broke again ..


I use this:

1. A antenna extender available everywhere.
2. Some heatshrink.

I cut the antenna extender and strip the wire.

Clean and solder on at these pins.

Wrap around and use some heatshrink.

Shrink a second piece over the other one.

As good as new...

Easier to mount now too and won't break again !

3DFly Micro with HobbyKing Quantum Board

This is my second micro build with much cheaper components.




Frame - $7
HobbyKing FC - $33
8.5mm Motors - $20
Battery - $4
Props - $2

To add FPV - $ 44


I built a small 3DFly Micro Quad from HoverShip!

See the HoverShip site for details.


Frame - $7
Beef's FC - $50
8mm Motors - $20
Satellite RX - $10
Battery - $4
Props - $2

To add FPV - $ 75 - $95

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